Mixer Truck 7CBM HD (270)

Mixer Truck 7CBM HD (270)

The HD heavy duty truck series provide the optimal solution for customers who demand cost-effectiveness and rock- solid reliability. Dependable power is supplied by a family of fuel efficient engines which are precisely matched to suit the particular application and are certified to meet euro emission standards.


Coil-type Cab suspension

The cab floats on a simple, cost-effective coil-type suspension which absorbs road bumps and vibrations transmitted from the chassis and thus helping reduce driver fatigue.

optimized double Frame (Dump only)

Optimization achieves the highest possible degree of frame strength to ensure maximum cargo carrying capacity while keeping weight to an absolute minimum so as not to penalize fuel economy.

aBs with asr

Anti-Slip regulator enhances Anti-lock Braking System performance by detecting and preventing the slippage of any individual wheel thus helping maintain directional stability.

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