H350 BUS

H350 BUS

The 14-seat H350 provides a level of soothing comfort and convenience only experienced in business class travel. Generous interior space is only the beginning. Seat design, overhead storage, interior lighting and the climate control system reveal considerable refinement and build quality. A sliding side door and front passenger door with a built-in step make for easy entry while the hand rails are just at the right height.


Largest Luggage Capacity

At 540mm x 1798mm, this is the largest luggage space in its class, enough to accommodate serious amounts of luggage.

Lane departure warning system

Using machine vision to detect any lane changes that are not accompanied by turn signal activation, LDWS alerts the driver of a dangerous lane change.

Parking assist system

With the help of a rear-mounted camera, PAS eliminates back strain and the guesswork in parking while also reducing the risk of vehicle damage.

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