Known for its versatility and dependability, County is one of the most popular buses in our lineup. It is available in standard and long body, single or double door and a mind-boggling number of seating variations. Seating capacity ranges anywhere from 15 up to a maximum of 30 in the long edition.


Passenger seats

Passenger seats with built-in headrests and retractable seat belts provide optimal comfort and safety. Comfort is further enhanced by deluxe wall trim, aircraft-style overhead air conditioning louvers and reading lamps which are fully adjustable.

ABS (anti-locking Brake system)

County has more than enough stopping power starting with ABS which comes with disc brakes, a heavy duty tandem brake booster and a load sensing proportioning valve to help maintain directional stability. An available exhaust brake helps to reduce brake wear.

Bucket-Type driver seat

Providing excellent thigh and lower back support, this fully adjustable seat provides a cradle of comfort and is effective in helping keep the driver alert.

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